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Madhurapuri ashram is located at Maharanyam village, a few kilometers away from Sriperumbudur, the birth place of the great saint Sri Ramanuja. Sri Ramanuja incarnated in this world to spread the glory of Nama Sankirtan -the chanting of divine names of god, very similar to the message of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. A striking resemblance indeed! The village, Maharanyam is named thus since it is Maha-Aaranyam(big forest). Legend has it that Lord Rama on his way to Lanka spent three days and three nights in this very village. The Aaranya Kanda (Aaranya chapter) of Ramayana throws light on this. The village looks picturesque with is surrounding mountains and a big lake. It is amazing how Mother Nature in all her beauty and splendor took the form of Maharnayam village, which is only a stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. The tranquility of the place calms the vacillating mind and makes it an apt place for the Madhurapuri Ashram.

At the very entrance of the ashram, a place of worship for Goddess Tulasi is present, more seemingly like Goddess Tulasi greeting the blessed souls entering the ashram. The walkway to the main hall is flanked on the right by a beautiful garden and on the left by a Go-Shala. The Go-Shala houses about eighty cows. A graceful Krishna statue holding a flute stands amidst the cows.

The main hall, in the ashram is called Bhagavata Bhavanam named after Srimad Bhagavatam. Srimad Bhagavatam is verily Lord Sri Krishna. Sri Swamiji's Pujamurthy (Deity of worship) Madhurisakhi sametha Sri Premikavaradhan (Sri Krishna / Sri Radha Rani) adorn the Durbar mandap in the Bhagavata Bhavanam Hall. Puja is performed to the royal couple as per Bhagavata samprathayam(rules of offering worship). Hare Rama Mahamantra chanting takes place in the hall for 12 hours every day between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The first floor of the Bhagavata Bhavanam Hall has accommodation for devotees to stay at the Ashram during festivities.

Adjascent to the Bhagavata Bhavanam Hall, there is a huge hall called the Eknath Swamy hall, named after Sant Eknath, an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. The Eknath Swamy hall serves as the dining hall as and when Utsavs happen in the Ashram. Sri Sandeepani Gurukulam (Veda patsala - school that teaches Vedas) is located above the Eknath Swamy hall. Currently, about eighty vidyarthis(students) are studying in the Yajur/Sama Veda patsala. The Veda patasala has been named after Sri Sandeepani, the guru (teacher) of none other than Lord Krishna.

A temple for Lord Sri KalyanaSrinivasa Perumal has been established right next to the Madhurapuri ashram. The presiding deity is Sri KalyanaSrinivasa Perumal and the Utsav murthy is Sri Nitya Kuthuhala. They are encircled by the Prahara-devathaigal Lord Vinayaga, Lord Panduranga, Lord Anjaneya, Lord Varaha and Goddess Vishnu Durga. A statue of Lord Veera Anjaneya has also been separately installed inside the temple premises. Like all other temples, this temple too houses a pond (theppakulam). A temple, as beautiful as this right next to the ashram, with a pond by its side and a mountain on the opposite makes one's mere presence, an experience to cherish.

Sri Sridharayyaval Annadhana Koodam, located outside the temple premises, offers free mid-day meal to those in need every day.

Sri Premikavaradhan Clinic which offers weekly free medical care to 10 Villages surrounding our ashram functions in the ashram's vicinity

Madhurapuri ashram, has played the host for more than ten Krishna Jayanthi-utsavs, apart from a score of other events and festivals like the Navarathri, Guruji-Jayanthi etc. The hill in front of the ashram is named 'Govardhana' by Sri Swamiji. Atop the Govardhana hill, the Govinda pattabhishekam - an important event during the Annual Brahmotsav celeberations take place. Devotees of Sri Swamiji have built houses around the ashram to stay and take part in the festivities at the ashram. The rustic village, coupled with the cool breeze and warm weather along with the Vedic recital and Mahamantra chanting is nothing short of a treat to the tired mind.

A spiritual rejuvenation indeed!

A chart on the Bhagavata Bhavanam hall reads "Bhagawan assures a remarkable change in the lives of all those who enter the ashram on Ekadasi". Hoping to meet you soon!

Radhe Krishna...

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