How to reach

Ashram - Madhurapuri
Mahanyam Village, Malaipattu B.O.
Padappai P.O, Sriperumpudur Taluk,
Kanchipuram District, Pincode - 601301
Phone: 044-24895875

"How will the Gurukulam look like? How many students would the Gurukulam have? Is it truly a 'Gurukulam' where the students stay serve the Guru and learn Vedas?"

Many more questions kept me engaged when I was travelling to the Ashram. The route to the Ashram was made clear. 'Go to a place called Tambaram at the South-Western part of Chennai and take a bus heading to a town called Sriperumbuthur.' I was already on the bus to Sriperumbuthur.... I was to get down in a village called Malaipattu and then take directions to the Ashram which houses the Sandipani Gurukulam.

The travel was pleasant and scenic, there were small hillocks on the way, a small brook and a nice little bridge, and the Lord has painted the lanscape with infinite hues of green. Soon the conductor of the bus announced the arrival of Malaipattu...

I got down and this was a very typical Indian village- a temple for the border diety (an approximate equivalent of a guardian angel for the village). Banyans roofing the road on both sides, the ubiquitous hay stack for the cattle and a small kiosk for beverages near the bus stand. I asked the near by villager the way to go to the Ashram. He asked me to just follow the road near the bus stop and take the first right turn and then...

I was barely listening... With bated breath I walked on in a hurry. On my right there was a small village library and a small pond. I came to know that villagers use this pond for getting water to cook. There was a small temple of Vinayak and I took the right turn and walked on...

The villagers were busy with their daily chores and my only intruders were a few friendly pet dogs, chickens and goats. As I walked on I found a very nice hillock to my left and this looked really majestic. This hill reminded me of the Sri Govardhana hill in Brindavan. (I came to realise that this hillock indeed is taken as the Govardhana Hill during the annual Utsavam at Ashram).

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