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His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, who has dedicated His life to our Sanatana Dharma, preaches the Bhakti marga (the path of Devotion) and the greatness of our Vedic heritage. Sri Swamiji lays utmost stress on the significance of Nama Kirtan (Chanting the Divine names of God) as the easiest & the most practical path to liberation in this age.

Madhurapuri ashram founded by Sri Swamiji is located in Maharanyam village near Sriperumpudur, Tamilnadu, in the outskirts of Chennai city.

Sri Swamiji's Pujamurthy (Deity of worship) Madhurisakhi sametha Sri Premika varadhan (Sri Krishna / Sri Radha Rani) adorn the Bhagavata Bhavanam Hall at Madhurapuri ashram. Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Sri Rama Navami, Navarathri and similar Utsavs are celebrated in a grand manner every year.

A temple for Lord Sri KalyanaSrinivasa Perumal has been established adjacent to Madhurapuri ashram. MahaSamprokshanam was performed by Sri Swamiji on Feb 17, 2002.

Sri Swamiji travels far and wide discoursing on a wide range of spiritual subjects ranging from our scriptures to the life histories of great Saints

Sri Swamiji has authored several titles and composed numerous kirtans (devotional hymns) in Tamil and Sanskrit

Those inspired by the teachings of Sri Swamiji are actively involved in propagation of Nama Kirtan all over the world.

Key teachings of Sri Sri Swamiji
Chanting the Divine names of God, especially the "Hare Rama..." Mahamantra as prescribed in the Kali Santarana Upanishad, is the simplest & the most practical path to liberation and attainment of Universal Love in this age.
The Vedas and the scriptures constitute the bedrock of our Sanatana Dharma and need to be protected by all means.
Ancient temples (especially those glorified by great saints such as Alwars/Nayanmars) are storehouses of spirituality and have to be renovated and maintained with utmost care & devotion.
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